My Mother's Vases

‘My Mother’s Vases’ is a series of still life pieces in collage, paint and ink. They celebrate the weekly flower arrangements my mother made and displayed in her beloved collection of vases.

The work aims to illustrate the joy of simple things, layered with the complexity of mixed emotions for a passed loved one who is remembered through daily use of the objects they held dear.

 The work is made in mixed media combining collage, paint and India ink. Ranging in size from A3 to A2 the pieces are mounted and framed ready for sale. Prints will be available soon.

For this project I created a wide range of pieces until I found a technique that offered the versatility and texture I sought. More details on the development of the project and the process can be found here.

 As a result of this work I am planning on starting to explore additional still life pieces around tableware that was meaningful in my childhood and family life as well as work in monochrome to compliment my current 100 Days of Grey project.